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Jake Gideon, the desperate owner of Cloud Commotion, is trying to salvage his company after a hacker leaks nude celebrity photos stored on the company’s servers. The twist? The hacker is someone at Cloud Commotion. Not only is Jake under attack from the media, the public, the FBI, and the actress herself, but by those closest to him as well. Marshall, Jake’s business partner and ex-father-in-law, is always looking to humiliate his former son-in-law. Anna, his 2nd in command, and bitter ex-lover, would love nothing more than to take over the company she helped start. Elliot, the shy computer nerd, is hopelessly in love with Tiffany, Jake’s under-the-radar girlfriend. Everywhere Jake turns, he doesn’t know if he is surrounded by trusted friends or colleagues with agendas. Who is trying to sabotage his life? Can he find the hackers in time save his company, and more importantly, the only life he’s ever known? Or will mysterious forces be his downfall?

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